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Our Rugs Guarantee

Moroccan rugs are the trendiest home decor of the past years! Featured in the most famous Interior Design magazines all over the world, these beauties became a home decor luxury. Their prices went up and their cheap replicas (wool mixed with cotton, with a loose handknotting) are available in all low end home decor stores.
At Baboosh:
  • We don't source our rugs from the souks, we guarantee the best quality to you at the most affordable prices.
               A rug from the Souk:                                  A Baboosh rug:
   moroccan rug from souk     moroccan rug from baboosh  
  • All our rugs are sourced from the best artisans in Morocco.
  • They will make your home Cozy, Chic and Authentic. 
  • All our rugs are handmade by Moroccan women.

            moroccan rugs handmade by moroccan women artisans


  • All our rugs are soft and plush!
  • All our rugs are 100% Natural Wool.
  • All our rugs can be made to order.
  • All our Tanjah and Tamuda rugs have been carefully handpicked by Baboosh team and purchased from independent artisans in remote areas of Morocco.
  • All our Tamuda rugs are vintage and handmade with recycled material.


  • All our rugs are shipped for free in Canada and worldwide.
  • We pay our artisans fair prices.
  • Our rugs will last a lifetime! :)
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