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Our Story

Welcome to Baboosh!

Handmade by Women, Supporting Women, Led by Women!

Based in Toronto, Canada, Baboosh is an online store offering a wide variety of unique luxury Moroccan rugs, handmade in Morocco.

Baboosh was created in 2019 by Chama who just moved from Morocco to Toronto with the idea to share Moroccan culture treasures with Canadians. Every Baboosh piece has a soul and meaning. Every rug has been handmade by beautiful talented women artisans in Morocco. None of them went to school. Every item they create is a piece of art resulting from their savoir, skills learnt from their mother, and from their history. 

Our mission at Baboosh is to make your home Cozy, Chic and Unique. You can choose among a wide variety of rugs and home decor available or make your perfect Moroccan rug, with the size you need and the colors you like.

Our promise to you is to provide you with high quality unique items, to your taste, responding to your needs along with a cultural immersion and a great customer service. 

Our promise to Morocco is to empower Moroccan artisans, especially women that are hidden behind their looms making magic with their hands without receiving any recognition. We make sure that they are paid fair prices. We never negotiate with them.

My name is Chama. I am from Casablanca, Morocco (who better than a Moroccan to choose the best quality Moroccan craft for you, right? :)). To know more about me, click here.

Baboosh Moroccan Rugs Canada Toronto owner

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