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"I cannot say enough good things about Baboosh. In fact, I haven't stopped singing this company's praises since I first discovered them. The customer care is incredible and the quality of the rugs is phenomenal. Everything arrived right on time, straight from Morocco. Amazing. Will be recommending to everybody!"

-Justin from Vancouver, Canada

moroccan rug beige grey in Vancouver cozy home

Reference: Casablanca Couleur Café. Click here to order the same rug. 

"I had ordered a custom sized rug and everything was confirmed as to size, height of pile, and design before the order was placed. Arrived early and it was exactly as ordered. The owner was very courteous and extremely professional. I will be highly recommending Baboosh.ca and will be placing an order in the future."

-Chris from Winnipeg, Canada

custom moroccan rug, 100% wool, handmade in Morocco, in its new home in Canada Winnipeg

Reference: Casablanca Infinity. Click here to order the same rug.

"I am so pleased with my purchase from Baboosh! I had a question before making my purchase and it was answered immediately by Chama who runs the business. She’s so great. I ordered and used the convenient payment plan. Then I was so impressed when the carpet actually shipped from Casablanca with FedEx (shipping included!). I tracked it on its incredible journey to my home in rural Ontario and it arrived in a great sized package. When I opened it up I was absolutely just blown away by how lush and beautiful this carpet really is! Simply stunning and worth every penny. I cannot wait to make it my centre piece in my brand new home! Thank you Chama and Baboosh! 11 out of 10!!"

-Matthew from Long Point, Canada

moroccan rug in Toronto Canada, 100% wool

Reference: Casablanca Vertigo. Click here to order the same rug.

"The rug is absolutely beautiful!! We love it very much and the dogs too. So soft and stunning.Thank you so much again for everything.We are very happy."

-Anna from Toronto, Canada

Moroccan rug custom made for customers in Toronto, Canada. 100% natural wool with embodied desgin. Perfect for a modern living room.

Reference: Casablanca Psychedelight. Click here to order the same rug.

"We are totally in love with our new rug from Baboosh. It completes our living room. It is so soft and fluffy. We definitely recommend Baboosh."

-Max & Julia from Toronto, Canada

moroccan rug canada toronto

Reference: Casablanca Couleur Café. Click here to order the same rug.

"Not only is the selection of items beautiful and sumptuously curated doing business with Baboosh was seamlessly easy from beginning to end. As a decorator I will continue to patronize this shop with glee! Shipping was fast, and communication with the owner was virtually instantaneous. I can’t recommend Baboosh enough as the place to go for your Moroccan treasures."

-Erica from Toronto, Canada

Moroccan rug with ivory background and grey lines, handmade in Morocco, 100% wool, in its new home in Toronto, Canada
Reference: Casablanca Faded. Click here to order the same rug.

"Beautiful rug, excellent quality, outstanding experience. I needed a specific size for my rug and Baboosh made it for me in 2 months. It is stunning!"

-Chris from Vancouver, Canada

moroccan rug cream morocco

Reference: Casablanca Double Cream. Click here to order the same rug.

"I’m so impressed with my purchase at Baboosh. Chama was always quick with responding to my various questions; she helped me pick the best rug for me through several asks, pictures, opinions, etc. She was very patient with me as I am very picky. My rug arrived within a week!! And although beautiful in the picture, it was even more beautiful and lush in person, just as she promised it would be. I’m in love with my rug, It is exactly what I wanted. Will definitely purchase another one in the near future!"

-Jasmine from Toronto, Canada

moroccan rug in toronto canada
Reference: Casablanca Double Cream. Click here to order the same rug.

"Let me start with saying that dealing with Chama the owner was a pleasure in every way. She’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful, kind and answered all questions I had. Once I received my rug I was extremely taken back of how thick yet soft it was. It’s a piece of art. Truly. I can tell it will last a very long time. Also, for anyone concerned about any smell like I was, you can relax. There is no funky, animal barn like smell like “wool” rugs I got before that were made in India (returned). I can wholeheartedly recommend Baboosh for all your rug purchases. Also, shipping was super fast to Canada! Let’s not forget, we are also supporting a small Canadian business and lovely ladies in Morocco who made these rugs! I’m a happy customer. Thank you Chama!"

-Agnes from Toronto, Canada

moroccan rug 100% wool in toronto canada

Reference: Casablanca Dolce. Click here to order the same rug.

"Our carpet has arrived and has settled in to its new home! We LOVE it so much! So beautiful, it truly is a piece of art. Thank you so much!"

-Andrea from Toronto, Canada

"I love it even more than I imagined! It is just the perfect rug for our home!"

-Hortense from Vancouver, Canada

Moroccan rug with ivory background and black polka dots, 100% wool, handmade in Morocco, in its new home in Canada Toronto

Reference: Casablanca Lady Rug. Click here to order the same rug.

"I received my rug within 3 days. It is GORGEOUS. I absolutely love it! It fits in my home decor so well and reminds me of my last trip to Morocco :)"

-Nath from New York, United States

"My rug just arrived. This was so quick! It's beautiful and soft. I'm very happy with it."

-Lizzie from Brisbane, Australia

moroccan rug diamond brown and white soft background in Toronto Canada

Reference: Casablanca Brown Magic. Click here to order the same rug.

"The rug arrived and it's just beautiful! Thank you again for the rug and for the service. Everything has been excellent!"

-Anitta from Helsinki, Finland

vintage moroccan rug in its new home in Helsinki Finkand

"I love the rug! It's beautiful! I recommended your store to a friend!"

-Kathryn from Victoria, Canada

"This store is a real gem! We were having a lot of trouble finding the right Moroccan rug for our space and were delighted to find that Baboosh makes custom sized rugs. We were able to find the perfect rug design and size for our living room and now that we've received it, it is better than we hoped - it is extremely comfortable and very high quality."

-Gary from Toronto, Canada

Baboosh Moroccan rug in Toronto Canada Faded

Reference: Casablanca Faded. Click here to order the same rug.
"I'm in love with my custom made Moroccan rug! Chama was so helpful throughout the whole process, from start to finish, and gave great recommendations and helped me choose what would work best for our living room. The ordering process was simple and it took around 10-12 weeks for our rug to come in (we got a custom size). It's a high pile rug, soooo soft and makes our space look complete. Would definitely recommend!"

-Anam from Toronto, Canada

Moroccan rug polka dots 100% wool in Toronto Canada. Customizable in any size.

Reference: Casablanca Lady Rug. Click here to order the same rug.

"Excellent customer service, fast delivery, and beautiful items! I got the Fez Pouf in brown and it is gorgeous."

-Kristie from Calgary, Canada

moroccan rug Casablanca Anfa in its new home in Canada

Reference: Casablanca Anfa. Click here to order the same rug.

"I love my rug! The delivery was extremely fast and Chama was nothing but kind and helpful I would recommend baboosh to anyone!"

-Kelly from Gooderham, Canada

"Beautiful quality Moroccan rugs with a local seller who demonstrated care for a client. As a design professional I was definitely pleased with my Baboosh experience."

-Mirko from Toronto, Canada

 Highway to hills Moroccan rug in its new home in Toronto

Reference: Casablanca Highway to Hills. Click here to order the same rug.

"The rug is absolutely beautiful. It is even better than it looked in the photo and terrific quality. Having the rug made to the specific size and design we needed was well worth the wait. Thank you so much for a great rug and great buying experience."

-Catriona from Mosman, Australia

Baboosh Moroccan rug in Australia. Reference: Faded. 100%¨wool. Made to order

Reference: Casablanca Faded. Click here to order the same rug.

"I had been searching for a Moroccan rug online and came across Baboosh. Living in a small community doesn't allow for many options when looking for unique pieces so I decided to contact Chama. Her prompt replies to my many questions and knowledge eased my doubts about purchasing a rug. To my surprise, the rug arrived in a week and it was beyong what I expected. It's luxurious and the quality is something I have never seen in a rug. It is the centerpiece of my bedroom. One of a kind! I can't wait to get another one."

-Nanette from Miramichi, Canada

Moroccan rug in a Canadian bedroom in Miramichi. 100% natural wool with fringes on both sides and arches.

Reference: Casablanca Wonderarch. Click here to order the same rug.

"Love this pouf! Love that it’s from Morocco and that I’m supporting a local business. Fast shipping and bonus, it smells great too! Thanks so much!"

-Rashida from Toronto, Canada

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