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You can now tip the weavers making your rug

One of my biggest motivations behind Baboosh is empowering women in Morocco, my country of origin. Although Morocco has made some 'progress' in gender equality, it is still a very patriarchal country where men decide of everything and manage finances...even when women do the hard work! This is clearly the case of the rugs' business! Women dye the wool, handmake the rug knot by knot for weeks. They are real artists. But, men are in charge of selling the rug, which means that they are the ones deciding who takes the profit...

This is the reason why:

  • All our rugs are handmade by women weavers in the Middle Atlas region. These women never went to school and do not have easy access to the cities.
  • We never negotiate with them. We want to pay them fair prices and reward them for their hard work!

From now on, you can also help them and encourage them by tipping them when you place an order for a custom rug. During checkout, you will be asked if you want to leave a tip for the weavers. Tipping them is of course not mandatory, but no amount is too small :)

Your tip will be directly transferred to the weavers who will be in charge of making your baby rug!

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