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How to choose the perfect rug?


Buying a rug is very often a need. Most of the time, we already know where we will put the rug and what the dominant colors of the room are.

The most difficult part is to choose the right size.

At Baboosh, we make your life easier by classifying the rugs by size, color, and room.

Size Guide:

  • Large rugs: larger than 9'x12' 
  • Medium rugs: between 6'x9' and 8'x10''
  • Small rugs:between 3'x5' and 5'x8'

Room Guide:

We recommend:

  • Large and Medium rugs for living rooms
  • Medium and Small rugs for bedrooms
  • For dining rooms, make sure you choose a rug with the right dimensions: it should be larger and wider by 3'11''. For example: if your table is 3'3'' x 4'7'', your rug should be 7'3'' x 8'6''.

Any question, please contact us.

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