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How to recognize a high quality Moroccan Rug?

People are often reluctant to invest on a rug without seeing it and 'feeling' it before. Did you know that there is a very simple way to recognize a good quality Moroccan rug even in a picture?

To verify the quality of a handmade Moroccan rug, flip it or ask for a picture of the back of the rug. Check:

1) How dense the knots are. The tighter and denser the knots are, the better the quality of the rug.

Below is a picture of the back of a bad quality Moroccan rug followed by a picture of the back of a Baboosh Moroccan rug: 

Moroccan rug from a big home decor store in Toronto

Baboosh Moroccan rug top quality in toronto canada

2) How parallel the lines of knots are. Moroccan rugs are handmade by more than two hands. The knots cannot be perfectly aligned. If they are perfectly aligned, the rug is machine made.

3) How soft the rug looks. Very often, Moroccan rugs from souks and from big home decor stores mix wool and cotton. This way, they are able to be cheaper. You will pay half price for this type of rugs but they will last a couple of years and you will have to invest in a new rug. 

Here is a comparison of a Baboosh Moroccan rug with a Moroccan rug from Marrakech souk as well as a rug from a famous home decor store in Canada.

A rug from Marrakech souk. In Morocco, we call this type of rug Khouloud. The knots are loose, the quality of rug is not that good and it is mixed with cotton. It is the cheapest version of Mrirt rugs. 

Moroccan rug from Marrakech souk

A 'Moroccan rug' from a big home decor store in Canada. It is half price of a high quality Moroccan rug. They are made in India with a lower quality wool and have very loose knots:

A moroccan rug from a big store in toronto

A Baboosh Moroccan rug:

Top quality Baboosh Moroccan rug in Toronto

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