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The Story behind the rug

Every Moroccan rug has a story, whether it is vintage or not. Today, I will tell you the story behind this super gorgeous Moroccan rug.

 moroccan rug - flat and grey - reversible - perfect for dining room, living room and bedroom

Many reasons pushed me to buy this beauty. First of, it is absolutely STUNNING! How could I resist? Second, it is a 2-in-1 rug! It has two faces: a dark grey face and a light one. It is so cool to be able to change our home decor just by flipping our rug, right?

moroccan rug dark grey face          moroccan rug light grey face

These are not the only reasons that made me fall in love with Zagora Oasis rug. The real reason is Lalla Khadija, an old gorgeous lady who spent 2 months handknotting it. She is so cute and so kind! She spent her life making rugs. She learnt the handknotting techniques from her mother and passed her knowledge to her daughters. A family of hard workers. We wanted to encourage her and reward her. Women empowerment is very important to us, especially in remote areas of Morocco.

 moroccan rug zoom in dark grey face

moroccan rug dark face fringes

moroccan rug zoom in light grey face

moroccan rug dark grey zoom



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