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Let me introduce myself


Hello and welcome to Baboosh!

My name is Chama and I am the founder of Baboosh.

Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, I have always been immersed in the Moroccan culture and art. I have spent a great part of my childhood in Casablanca, Marrakech and Fez markets. Very early, I learnt how these unique items are made and started to differentiate between high and bad quality products. Very early also, I realized that Moroccan handcraft has lost its authenticity and has been modified to make more money, especially in touristic souks of Casablanca, Marrakech and Fez. For instance, wool rugs started to be mixed with cotton and sold to tourists for the same price.

In my twenties, I moved to Ifrane, a city in the Middle Atlas Mountains. During these years, I had the chance to travel a lot in the region and to get to know families of artisans making authentic 100% natural wool rugs. Because they live in remote rural villages, they do not have the means to target potential customers and are underpaid. I know exactly how each rug is made and in which conditions.

I recently moved to Toronto Canada with my better half. Before that, I lived in Morocco for 25 years. I have a bachelor degree in politics, a masters degree in management and worked for few ecommerce companies. In 2014, I moved to Dubai to pursue a masters degree in strategic marketing and worked for a German company.

I am a big fan of football (you guys call it soccer eh!), I love learning new languages (I do speak 5 languages) and I enjoy, more than anything else interacting with people from different cultures. This is what makes us rich at the end of the day!

My thirst for learning other cultures and my passion for my own are the reason why I have decided to be an ambassador of the Moroccan culture in North America.

Baboosh was born as a result of the need to respond to the growing demand for quality handmade Moroccan craft (very often copied never equalled), combined with my desire to relay the authentic image of Morocco by offering a virtual, yet real, cultural immersion through Baboosh Instagram page (

I hope you will enjoy as much as I do The Baboosh Experience. 

If you have any questions, or special enquiries please contact me: or through Baboosh Facebook page or Baboosh Instagram page. 


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