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What to use to stuff a Moroccan pouf?

three options to stuff a Moroccan Leather Pouf


People often ask me what do I use to stuff the Moroccan leather poufs. You have three options:

  • The most famous one is to use 3 lbs (1,5 kg) of polyester stuffing (available on Amazon). However, this would not be comfortable. I recommend the second option.
  • The most practical, eco friendly, space saving option is use whatever you have in hands: old towels, sheets, clothes...
  • What I personally do is filling them with winter clothes during summer and vice versa 

How to stuff your pouf step by step:

  1. Unzip your pouf (the zipper is at the bottom)
  2. Start by stuffing the edges of the pouf to make sure that all small spaces are filled.
  3. Fill gradually the rest of the pouf by pushing down firmly every time you add a layer until your pouf is full.

Moroccan tip: add a small purse filled with lavender and cloves inside your pouf :)

Find our collection of Moroccan leather poufs here.

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