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Featured in British Vogue!

Vogue featuring Baboosh Unique Rugs and Craft

This is a very special blog post. The Baboosh adventure started only 3 months ago and we're already featured in Vogue Magazine, THE fashion bible! 

I will try to hide my emotions a bit and not write too much about how proud, excited, happy and honoured I am to be in Vogue and how the little girl inside me is ecstatic to make one of her craziest dreams come true :) (Plus, Irina Shayk is the cover star and she is so gorgeous!).

Having my own business and becoming my own boss was not the only motivation behind Baboosh. Baboosh is born from my love for my beautiful country, Morocco, and my secret ambition to "make Morocco great again". LOL.

My everlasting purpose is to contribute to the development of Morocco, a country that is unknown, or sometimes known for the wrong reasons: no, we are not yelling at everyone, this is how all mediterraneans speak. We are very passionate. No, we do not live in deserts with camels and we do not only eat tajines and couscous. Morocco is and always has been a land of tolerance, with stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine and an authentic hospitality. Morocco is full of treasures, one of them is its handicraft. 

With Baboosh, I wish to make Moroccan handicraft famous for its beauty and uniqueness. Moroccan rugs and home decor are sumptuous, elegant and unique. Vogue said so! Amen to that!

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