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Luxury & affordable rugs?

Often, people ask me why do I say that Baboosh Moroccan rugs are "affordable luxury rugs"? "Affordable and luxury are antonyms. There is no way a rug can be luxurious AND affordable?!"

That's why I have decided to write this blog post... to explain why Baboosh Moroccan rugs are both luxury and affordable!

Why Luxurious?

Baboosh Moroccan rugs are entirely handmade, knot by knot, by very talented Moroccan women artisans. The wool used is 100% natural and is the best wool you can encounter in Morocco. Every rug is so soft and comfortable that you feel you walk on a cloud the minute you put your feet on it... LITERALLY!

Although a picture cannot make you feel that, please take a minute to look at the pictures of some of Baboosh rugs below. You can tell how soft they are:

Baboosh Moroccan rugs are soft and comforable! so unique and authentic!Baboosh Moroccan rugs are soft and comforable! so unique and authentic!

The quality of Baboosh Moroccan rugs is "PHENOMENAL"! This is how our customers describe our rugs :)

Here is a tip for you: if you want to verify the quality of a rug, flip it. The closer the knots, the better the quality and the stronger the rug is!

Another indication for a good quality Moroccan rug is the weight. A high quality Moroccan rug is very densely knotted. Because of that, it needs much more wool to make than a bad quality rug. That's why it is going to be heavier. For example, a good quality Moroccan rug size 8x10 would be  between 55 and 66 Lbs (25 to 30 kg).

Below is a picture of one of Baboosh rugs knots:

Moroccan rugs, made by hand knot by knotHigh quality Moroccan rug, made by hand, knot by knot

Here is a picture of a bad quality Moroccan rug knots:

Moroccan rugs from big home decor stores with very loose knots

That's why we say that Baboosh Moroccan rugs last forever! The knots are so tight that they will never open up. In the opposite, a bad quality rug will loosen after some time.

2) Why Affordable?

Baboosh Moroccan rugs are more expensive than big home decor stores Moroccan style rugs for the reasons explained above. They use less wool, the knots are loose, they are not made in Morocco and won't last a lifetime. 

However, Baboosh Moroccan rugs are more affordable than all the high quality Moroccan rugs available in Moroccan rugs stores or on Internet. We are the only ones offering payment plans!

Now, you can afford a real, authentic, luxurious, top quality Moroccan rug and pay only $200 per week. It is interest free, charge free, and does not delay your delivery! If you want to learn more about our payment plans, click here.

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