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Baboosh Magazine

You can now tip the weavers making your rug

And help empowering these very talented women!

Moroccan Rugs & Colors

This is why you can have variations of colors in your Moroccan rugs.

How to recognize a high quality Moroccan Rug?

Tips from a Moroccan conoisseur!

Luxury & affordable rugs?

Luxury and affordable are not antonyms when it comes to our rugs :)

More rugs in stock!

Did not have your rug crush yet? We have the solution!

Baboosh Payment Plan!

Pay Only 50% Now!

The Story behind the rug

Every Moroccan rug has a story. Read more about this one!

Our Rugs Guarantee

Why Baboosh rugs are THE BEST! :)

13 things you probably didn't know about Morocco!

Fun and surprising stories about Morocco :)

Couscous Recipe

Let's cook a Moroccan couscous!

Harsha Recipe - Moroccan Cake

Stay at home and learn how to cook Moroccan food :)

What to use to stuff a Moroccan pouf?

3 options to stuff a Moroccan Leather Pouf.
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